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High-performing, 24-inch wide laundry centers and exclusive RV/Marine accessories.

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Vented Combo

All-in-one washer with vented dryer

Premium Laundry Detergent

All-Natural, HE powder with built-in fabric softeners

Ventless Combo

All-in-one washer with ventless dryer

Compact Washer

For use with DV6400X Stackable Dryer

Deluxe Vent Kit

W/paintable, black, or chromed cover - For Vented Dryers in RV installations

SecureFit Brackets

Keeps front levelling feet in place - For RV/Marine Installations

Vented, Stackable Dryer

For use with WFL1300XD Washer

Dryer Stack Kit

For close-fitting installations

Standard Vent Kit

W/Paintable cover - For Vented Dryers in RV installations

90-Degree Vent Elbow

Side-wall vent solution - For Vented Dryers in close-fitting installations

Drain Pan

For built-in combo and washer installations

Drain Pan

For freestanding combo and washer installations


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Our parent company, Westland Sales, has supplied innovative, space-saving appliances to the RV and Marine industries since 1967.


Best Performing

We work closely with skilled designers and engineers to offer appliances that emphasize the latest laundry technologies and deliver the highest levels of perfomance.


Most Reliable

Our devoted European factories draw from decades of experience to build appliances with the features, technology, and exceptional level of quality that North American consumers expect.


Best Supported

We maintain over 400 qualified service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Every Splendide is protected with a 1-Year warranty - extendable up to five years from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who uses Splendide Laundry Centers?

    Splendide laundry appliances are found in RVs, boats, apartments, condos, dentist offices, home garages - anywhere laundry needs to get done and space is at a premium.

  • Since 1984, Splendide has been a trusted source for quality laundry appliances that save space, weight, and resources. Our laundry centers are efficient, built-tough and tested for max. performance with min. install clearances. Our specialized products address the unique needs of RV and marine consumers, while our family-owned company takes pride in delivering unmatched sales and technical support.

  • The Splendide you choose will depend on your size and weight constraints, venting ability, and/or drying needs:

    Size and weight consraints - Since our combo models wash and dry laundry in one, a combo is the best choice when saving space or weight is your primary concern. Quiet and easy-to-use, a combo offers the added convenience of being able to go from wash to dry automatically.

    Venting ability - If venting a traditional dryer through an outside wall is difficult, unsafe, or impossible, our ventless combo model is designed for you. It dries laundry without a vent by using condensation.

    Drying needs - If you have extra space and need to dry larger loads, our washer and stackable dryer set includes a vented dryer with an supersized, 4 cu ft dryer drum.

  • While a vented dryer works by running heated air through damp clothes and then exhausting that air to the outside, our ventless combo dries laundry by using condensation. It condenses steam from the damp clothes into water and then pumps that water out the drain. This process repeats until the clothes are dry. It's an efficient and completely closed system that does not add heat or humidity to the surrounding room.

  • Depending on where it will be installed, you can purchase a Splendide in the following ways:

    RV and Marine Installs - Splendide Laundry Centers and accessories are sold at major RV and Marine dealerships throughout North America. Please contact your preferred dealership directly, or connect with us to locate the dealer nearest you.

    Other Inquiries - For all other inquiries, please contact our Sales Department (see below). We are available Monday through Friday to answer your questions or provide a quote for your next project.

  • Contact your local authorized dealer/service outlet or contact Westland Sales direct at the number below.


Splendide Laundry Center's Headquarters: Mon-Fri, 7am to 4pm Pacific Time.

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