• Type: Detergent (HE)
  • Loads/Box: 60
  • Weight: 3 lb

All-natural powder with built-in softeners.

Splendide Premium Laundry Powder dissolves quickly in less water for better wash results in your HE (high efficiency) washer. Phosphate and chlorine free, it's made from all natural ingredients and won't oversuds in your machine. Three products in one, it contains built-in softeners and color-safe oxygen bleach - so all your fabrics get soft and clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Safer for delicate fabrics, sensitive skin, and the environment.

Ingredients: Soda ash, zeolites, vegetable fiber chelators, sodium percargonate, grapefruit seed and pulp extracts, orange peel extracts, natural corrosion inhibitors, surfactants - degreasers and conditioners from coconut, low PH silicates, disodium sulfate. NO ANIMAL TESTING OR INGREDIENTS.
For Models: All combos and washers