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Splendide Technology

When Splendide is at work, nothing is overlooked. Splendide Laundry Centers represent the best in cutting edge technology. Splendide's highly sophisticated electronic control system supervises the main functions, such as wash parameters, foam removal, and intelligent safety factors. All this for excellent, reliable, performance throughout the lifetime of each machine.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation Quiet Operation

Splendide is equipped with special vibration-dampening and noise reduction systems that allow it to work peacefully whether installed under a kitchen counter or in a hallway closet.

Automatic Balance System (ABS)

Every Splendide Laundry Center incorporates the latest motor technology Automatic Balance System (ABS) combined with large, heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers. When the machine detects an out-of-balance load the motor will adjust speed or come to a complete stop and reposition the load automatically.

Self-Cleaning Pump

Splendide's revolutionary recirculating pump system eliminates the need to clean a filter! Splendide's extremely gentle washing motion produces very little lint and what lint is produced passes safely through the pump. And if large items like keys and coins are accidentally left in the wash, they are trapped in the pumps pre-chamber where they can be easily retrieved.

Safety Door Lock

Splendide washer-dryers have an automatic door lock feature that protects you from opening the door any time there is water, high heat, or steam in the drum.

Foam Removal System

Splendide's Foam Removal System automatically measures the amount of detergent suds in circulation during the rinse cycle and removes excess foam for superior rinsing results. This feature also protects the internal parts of the machine from being damaged if too much detergent is used.

Built-In Self Diagnostics

Built-In Self Diagnostics Built-In Self-Diagnostics

No guesswork. Splendide will let you know if anything is wrong. Splendide' s Built-In Self Diagnostics are communicated through the Auto Dry and Status/Door Lock LED's (or a serial port connection) and solve unlikely service problems quickly and easily.

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