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      About Vented and Ventless Drying Systems

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Which model is best for me?

Splendide offers a choice of vented or ventless (Comb-o-matic) models. While all Splendide models wash clothes in exactly the same way, their drying techniques are very different. Splendide vented models work great in applications where space is limited and the machine can be installed against an outside wall and vented directly to the outside. However, if outside venting is not easy or not even an option, Splendide's ventless (Comb-o-matic) model is the perfect solution.


How do Vented and Ventless washer-dryers work?

When Splendide's washing and spinning cycles are complete, the drum is free of water and ready to start the dry cycle. But how do Splendide's drying systems work?

Vented Drying System: Splendide's vented models take air from the surrounding room, heat it, tumble it through the clothes and then exhaust it to the outside through a vent. This is the same process used by most major appliance brands sold in North America.

Ventless Drying System*: Splendide's ventless Comb-o-matic Laundry Center does not have a vent. It uses condensation to dry. Therefore, it DOES NOT require any outside venting, however, it does require 5 gallons of cold water per hour of dry time. This is how it works:

1. As the damp laundry tumbles, the inner drum is heated. The heat draws the moisture out from the clothing in the form of STEAM.

2. Cold water cools the OUTER TUB. The cold surface attracts the warm, saturated air. The STEAM passes through the holes in the INNER DRUM to reach the OUTER TUB.

3. When the STEAM hits the cooled surface of the OUTER TUB, it's condensed back into water. The water is then pumped out the drain. This process repeats until the clothes are dry.


Ventless Dryers in Multifamily Housing Buildings

Installing traditional venting dryers in a multifamily housing building can be expensive, and sometimes venting to the outside is not even an option. However, installing a condenser dryer should not be seen as the next best thing. Condenser dryers have many benefits:

- Minimized installation costs, because the need to exhaust the dryers to the outside is eliminated.

- Installation freedom. Condenser dryers can be installed anywhere with access to water and drainage.

But perhaps the most important benefit of installing a condenser dryer is air balance. A traditional, vented dryer exhausts nearly 10,000 cu. ft. of internal building air per dry cycle (based on an exhaust of 200 cfm). In a building with 100 units installed, the loss of heated or air conditioned air would equal a million cubic feet per cycle.


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