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Splendide's Programs & Controls

More accurate than mechanical controls, Splendide's soft touch knobs and buttons are fully electronic. Splendide's innovative programs offer you a full range of wash and dry options to clean all fabrics: Cotton Heavy Duty, Permanent Press and Delicates. Simply turn the knobs to the selection you want and press "ON."

Fully Electronic Controls

Fully Electronic Controls
Fully Electronic Controls

Splendide's electronic controls are more accurate than mechanical controls and extremely easy to use. Simply choose a wash program, choose a wash temp., choose a dry program and press "ON". This simplicity of design is completed by innovative, easy-to-read graphics and labeling that make Splendide easy to use immediately.

Delay Timer Option

Now laundry can be ready when you are (or pre-set to be washed during off-peak hours). Choose to delay the start of your wash cycle by 1, 3, 9, or 12 hours. Just set the delay time and select the wash-dry cycle - the Splendide takes care of the rest.

Advanced Wash/Dry Options

Splendide's offer nine advanced wash programs and 3 customized dry programs to gently, and thoroughly, clean all your fabrics. Cotton Heavy Duty (Super, Regular Express, Dry), Permanent Press (Regular, Gentle, Express, Dry), and Delicates (Regular, Silk, Wool/Handwash, Dry). For those on the go, Splendide's exclusive Express Wash options wash lightly soiled cotton and permanent press items up to 40% faster.

7 Water Temperature Selections

For complete customization, Splendide's water temperature selector allows you to choose from 7 temperature settings ranging from HOT to COLD. All rinse temperatures are COLD.

4 Special Wash Options

4 special wash options allow you to customize Splendide's wash cycles even further:

Easy Iron: With the push of a button, Splendide's Easy Iron option uses a special combination of wash motion, rinse level, and spin speeds so your clothes come out with less wrinkles and ready to be ironed.

Low Spin: Choose Low Spin (600 RPM) for even gentler treatment of fabrics during the Cotton Heavy Duty and Permanent Press Cycles.

Pre-Wash: For especially tough stains, choose Pre-Wash to add an extra wash to the selected cycle.

Extra Rinse: for those with extra sensitive skin or detergent contact allergies, Splendide's Extra Rinse option adds 1 more rinse to Permanent Press and Cotton Heavy Duty cycles.

Auto Dry and Status/Door Lock LED's

The Auto Dry LED lets you know when dry time has been added to the Dry Time selector. Splendide's convenient Status/Door Lock LED tells you when Splendide awaiting your command or when the porthole door can safely be opened.

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