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Splendide's Superior Performance

Splendide Laundry Centers represent the best in cutting edge washing technology Every machine is made from the most innovative designs and constructed from the highest quality materials. The result? Efficient, superior laundry cleaning - every time. In fact, in European performance testing at full capacity, Splendide was rated top of it's class.

Horizontal Axis Drum

H-Axis Drum
Horizontal Axis Drum

Find out what 90% of Europeans already know. Horizontal Axis is better. Often called front-loaders, Splendide's stainless-steel drums are positioned horizontally, not vertically. Instead of using an agitator to stir clothes back and forth in a water-filled drum, horizontal axis machines use a rocking motion to "tumble wash" fabrics: gently pulling clothes in and out of water getting clothes cleaner by completely rinsing them of detergent, bleach and softeners.

Cascade and Crisscross washing systems

Great wash results! That's what you'll have every time you use your Splendide Laundry Center. Each drum contains three raised and perforated steel integrated agitator baffles (4.7 cm high) that pick up detergent in the water and then drop in back onto fabrics. This "Cascade" washing effect oxygenates the water with every spin giving you amazing wash results. Acting in tandem with the Cascade system, is our revolutionary wedge-shaped porthole glass door. It's innovative shape directs clothes in a back-and-forth motion as well as side-to-side, producing a "Crisscross" washing effect similar to the energetic motion of hand washing.

Extra Rinsing

While many washers have only 1 rinse after each wash, Splendide washer-dryers rinse loads up to 3 times to remove even more dirt and detergent from fabrics.

Impulse Spin Technology (IST)

IST Processor

With Splendide design you can count on the latest innovative technologies. Splendide Laundry Centers are equipped with an improved spin program that does more than just spin your clothes. Splendide's start-and-stop Impulse Spin Technology Processor varies pulse in low spin instead of operating at a constant speed. The benefits:

Less wrinkling - Less wear on clothing - Less noise - Less vibration - Improved rinse efficiency

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