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Splendide's Superior Resource Efficiency

Splendide is sensitive to quality of life and environmental concerns. All Splendide models are extremely efficient and carry a cULus® listing, certifying them for safety in both the US and Canada. Their superior, horizontal-axis design saves soap, water, energy and, ultimately, money spent on utility bills.

Recirculation Wash System

Recirculation Wash Recirculation Wash

Splendide's Recirculation Wash System optimizes the movement of water, preventing detergent from being deposited at the bottom of the tub. The combined effect of this system and Splendide's Pre-Load system, by which Splendide first loads the water and then the detergent, optimizes wash performance and saves up to 23% more detergent than previous models.

Save Detergent

Since Splendide Laundry Centers use less water, they require much less detergent to get your clothes spotlessly clean. We recommend that customers use only 1-2 tablespoons of low-sudsing powder detergent (or liquid equivalent) per load to clean even the toughest stains.

Save More Energy

Save up to 50% on laundry utility bills. Before their dry cycles begin, Splendide drums spin at up to 1,200 rpm's, pulling moisture from your fabrics and using less energy to get clothes dry. Also, a lesser amount of electricity is needed to heat the water for wash, since there is simply, less water to heat.

Automatic Consumption Control

Splendide's have a built-in Automatic Consumption Control feature that automatically adjusts the water used for the size and fabric type of each load. No guesswork, perfect every time without any wasted water.

Save More Water

Save More Water

Because of their effective, horizontal axis design, Splendide Laundry Centers use 1/3 less water than top loading machines (that's even after they rinse each load up to 3 times!) And since there's no need for an agitator to stir soaking clothes, Splendide Laundry Centers are gentler on your fabrics. Their unique "tumble action" washing system gets clothes significantly cleaner without needing all that extra water.

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