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Splendide's Sleek Design

One glance at Splendide's newest line of combination washer-dryers and you understand that Splendide stands for a new concept in washer-dryer design.

Modern Rounded Case

The original, rounded Splendide case integrates the top, the control panel, the cabinet and door seamlessly. A perfect exercise in form, balance, and function Splendide's rounded case also adds strength and support.

Automatic Dispenser Drawer w/ Handigrip

Automatic Dispenser Drawer w/Handigrip
Automatic Dispenser Drawer

Splendide's sturdy dispenser drawer has four labeled compartments (Detergent, Softener, Pre-Wash, and Bleach) and dispenses laundry aids automatically during the wash cycle. The sail-shaped cut of the handle adds a safer, practical grip.

Soft Moving Knobs and Ergonomic Buttons

Soft-Touch Buttons
Soft-Touch Buttons

Splendide's soft moving knobs and ergonomically shaped buttons make program selection a breeze.

Large Porthole Door w/ Ergonomic Door Handle

Large Porhole Door Opening
Large Porthole Door Opening

Splendide's have a large 10.5" diameter door opening set high on the machine for easy loading and unloading. Splendide's door swings a full 140° and has a large, rounded door handle for easier use.

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