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    - WD2100XC

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    - WDC7100XC

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    - AW122 / AS66VX

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Space-saving and resource saving, Splendide® laundry centers operate on 120V and fit easily under counters or in closets with room left over to spare. Now all your tenants can enjoy the convenience of having an in-unit laundry center.

Today, faced with a sizeable influx of competition and the urge to create the ideal living environment, Splendide knows that most property management groups, apartment owners and managers are searching for new ways to not only retain but obtain tenants. As an experienced supplier and reliable business partner, our goal is to assist you with this value added strategy.

Engineered to fit in a 24" wide space, Splendide all-in-one washer-dryers, fit into small apartment settings much easier and more cost effectively than larger, traditional clothes washers and dryers.

All Splendide washer-dryers are equipped with a modern front-loading design, meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and are recognized by Energy Star® for superior energy and resource conservation - making Splendide washer-dryers eligible for tax rebates and incentives through local utility providers in many states. Considering the market value of in-unit laundry, Splendide machines will give your multifamily communities a competitive edge in sourcing new residents/retaining existing ones, while offering a quick return on your investment

Since 1984, Splendide has helped property management groups, hotels, and resort owners overcome the space, venting, and drainage issues they may face in their new or retrofitted complexes. Our ability to apply the right product to meet your need is proven.

Please contact Splendide headquarters in Clackamas, Oregon (1-800-356-0766) to speak with a Splendide Representative today to receive a quote for your next project.

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Space Saving:
Washes and dries in one! Easily fits under counters or in hallway closets with room left over for storage.

Resource Saving:
Splendide uses just 9-16 gal. per wash load (Avg.)

Low Electrical Req:
No need for expensive electrical upgrades.

Low Drainage Req:
Drains just like a dishwasher. No need for expensive plumbing modifications.

Ventless Drying >>
Splendide's Comb-o-matic (Ventless) models dry using condensation. Safer, more energy efficient, no outside venting required!

Sturdy Components:
Stainless steel tub and drum, heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers, integrated self-diagnostics

Reliable Business Partner:
Splendide has supplied innovative, compact laundry appliances to the multifamily industry since 1984.

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Splendide Laundry Centers - Simple Programs & Controls
Splendide Laundry Centers - Class A Washing Performance
Splendide Laundry Centers - Highly Energy and Resource Efficient

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