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    - WD2100XC

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    - WDC7100XC

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    - AW122 / AS66VX

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Quite, convenient and easy to install, a Splendide® Laundry Center is the perfect addition to your Dental Office.

As a modern dental professional, you strive to provide a clean and sterile work environment as well as comply with standards for handling of your contaminated laundry. Many dental professionals rely on third-party companies to meet all of their laundry needs. However, most laundry service companies only pick up garments once a week.

Since 1984, Splendide Laundry Centers have given practicing dentists like you a safe and reliable alternative to having every worn, non-contaminated, garment picked up and then brought back by a cleaning service.

Splendide combination washer-dryers are compact and easily adapted to a dental setting. The machines are amazingly quiet and fit into areas as small in size as a domestic dishwasher. Each model has been tested by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and meets requirements for built-in, closet and alcove installations. We offer both vented and non-vented models for flexible placement within your office.

With Splendide Laundry Centers, you'll enjoy the convenience of laundering your non-contaminated smocks and towels in-house and as needed. But the convenience is only half the benefit: our washer-dryers are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and will reduce laundry overhead significantly.

Please contact Splendide headquarters in Clackamas, Oregon (1-800-356-0766) to speak with one of our representatives about installing a Splendide washer-dryer in your dental office.

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Space Saving:
Washes and dries in one! Easily fits under counters or in hallway closets with room left over for storage.

Resource Saving:
Energy Star® approved, Splendide uses just 9-16 gal. per wash load (Avg.)

Low Electrical Req:
No need for expensive electrical upgrades.

Low Drainage Req:
Drains just like a dishwasher. No need for expensive plumbing modifications.

Ventless Drying >>
Splendide's Comb-o-matic (Ventless) models dry using condensation. Safer, more energy efficient, no outside venting required!

Sturdy Components:
Stainless steel tub and drum, heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers, integrated self-diagnostics

Reliable Business Partner:
Splendide has supplied innovative, compact laundry appliances to the multifamily industry since 1984.

Splendide Laundry Centers - Sleek Italian Design
Splendide Laundry Centers - Simple Programs & Controls
Splendide Laundry Centers - Class A Washing Performance
Splendide Laundry Centers - Highly Energy and Resource Efficient

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