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With over two decades of experience in the design and application of combination washer-dryers for the North American market, Splendide has outsold all other brands since pioneering the space-saving concept in 1984.

Located in Clackamas, Oregon, Splendide's parent company, Westland Sales », is a highly recognized, financially stable corporation that has supplied quality compact appliances to the RV & Marine industries for over 3 decades.

As suppliers, Splendide works closely with skilled designers and engineers at our modern, Italian factory to produce appliances with the features, level of quality, and controls that are expected from North American consumers.

Splendide continues to set benchmarks for commitment, quality and performance - but the Splendide assurance doesn't stop there.

Trained Service Technicians

Splendide is proud to run the most comprehensive Service and Technical Assistance program for combination washer-dryers in all of the industries we serve. Our friendly, service technicians are trained and certified in the repair of our product line and qualified to "get it diagnosed and repaired the first time."

Product Tracking

Splendide Customer Service

To serve our customers better, Splendide employs the leading business hardware and software. Our customers benefit from rapid response to information inquiries, high-speed order/invoice processing, and enhanced global/North American tracking capabilities. Serial numbers are registered in a database upon delivery of each machine. We keep a record of every Laundry Center sold, so that product quality can be monitored throughout the lifetime of each appliance.


Every Splendide Laundry Center comes with a one year parts and labor warranty contract extendable up to 5 years. When you buy a Splendide you have the added assurance of knowing that your warranty contract is administered by a financially secure corporation with over 37 years of experience in the industries we serve. For your convenience, Splendide maintains over 400 qualified service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Large Parts Reserves

Every machine is quality tested

We maintain large parts and inventory reserves at both our East and West Coast company-owned distribution centers. Our large inventory reserves insure that we'll have replacement parts if you or your customers ever need them.

Product Training & Education

Splendide is present at industry trade shows

We believe in educating our customers and associated technicians on the care and use of our product. At Splendide we train and certify service technicians in-house maintenance personnel on the care and repair of Splendide Laundry Centers in every industry we serve.

Unsurpassed Experience

Splendide Laundry Centers are the best performing, most reliable and best supported combination washer-dryers available today. With Splendide, you can count on the quality of a trusted brand name and know that in any national brand comparison, Splendide Laundry Centers will offer superior performance, reliability and customer service.

Splendide has been the nationally preferred washer-dryer brand since its introduction to the North American market in 1984. While other companies have supplied and then abandoned their product lines, Splendide has offered an uninterrupted supply of our quality product. Customers recognize Splendide as a reliable business partner with the backing of a respected parent company. Splendide cares about customer satisfaction.


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